At DR3D Filament is dedicated to producing the highest quality 3D printer filament in the world.

Established in 2014, DR3D Filament Ltd. has earned the enviable reputation of providing customers with a wide variety of the highest quality thermoplastic 3D printing materials available. Our team of polymer scientists, manufacturing professionals, and 3D printing experts has worked long and hard to source„ test, and manufacture 3D printer materials of the highest quality possible for our customers around the world.

Dr3dFilament Ltd 3D Printer Filament Manufacture

DR3D Filament Ltd. is based in the UK and was founded with the mission to produce and distribute 3D printer filament of unparalled quality. Our filament helps people to get the best performance possible out of their 3D printers through superior polymer chemistry, superb dimensional tolerance, and professional„ vacuum sealed and thoroughly dried packaging of our productWe're committed to expanding our product line both in material chemistries and colors, as well as to supporting our customers with the best service possible.